About us

MNT-NR ® International is responsible for: 

  • information and spreading of MNT and NR,
  • training and NR MNT,
  • assisting Manual Neuro Therapists and Nerve Reflexologists,
  • Development of qualified tutors.

The three founders are:

Nico Pauly (B): Physical therapy, manual neuro therapy, manual therapy, neuro-dynamics, cranio-sacral therapy, member of IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain).
Nico developed the concept of science-based MNT-NR. He put the current understanding of pain physiology in a practical clinical reasoning and treatment instrument.

Griet Rondel (B): physiotherapy, manual neuro therapy, neuro-dynamics, breathing, eastern meridian diagnostics and knowledge.
The relationships between organs, emotions and brain centers: these are the topics of Griet. She developed the visceral mobilization techniques and combined them with special visceral reflex techniques.

Norbert Gosch (D): Manuelle Neurotherapie, Osteopath DO.CN®, Mitglied der ACON (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Chiropraktik/Osteopathie und Neuraltherapie Deutscher Heilpraktiker e. V.), Heilpraktiker , Masseur und medizinischer Bademeister (staatl. geprüfter Gesundheitsfachberuf).

Norbert is the son in law of Wallter Froneberg and husband of Ellen Froneberg, founders of MNT and NR. During his many years of intense collaboration with Walter and Ellen Froneberg, he was responsible for the precise localization of the nerve reflex points on an experimental basis. By his knowledge of physiology and pathophysiology, he discovered many relationships between the visceral and musculo-skeletal system.

Senior tutors.

Nico Pauly

Griet Rondel

Norbert Gosch



Tutors-Assistant tutors

Besides the 3 founders senior tutors, the following tutors ad assistant-tutors give all their skills at the service of the MNT-NR International trainings.

Peter Lund Frandsen & Dorthe Krogsgaard. Denemarken.  Trainings in Nerve reflexology in the Scandinavian country's by their own organization TOUCHPOINT 


Miek Bakker. Nederland. Assistant-tutor for trainings in Belgium and The Netherlands


Carol Samuel. U.K. Organizer and assistant-tutor trainings in U.K.  Organisation:  Reflexmaster

Spiros Dimitrakoulas. Griekenland. Tutor upgrade seminars and assistant-tutor trainings in Greece. Chairman RIEN: Reflexologists in Europe Network.




Manuele Neurotherapie (MNT) en Zenuwreflexologie (NR) zijn beide bijzondere manuele behandelwijzen die van nut zijn bij acute maar zeker ook bij chronische pijnen.

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